Christmas in Florida, 2019

It happened again.

When I returned to Colorado after a week in Florida with family for Thanksgiving last month, a thick cloud of loneliness rolled in and stayed for a few days. I’d never felt that before. In the past, after family visits, I was always relieved to return home to an empty apartment; it was my own space with my own rules.

But at Thanksgiving, I felt loved and needed and a little appreciated, even if just by my parents who, by nature, are required to do that. I don’t feel that in Colorado, most days.

I flew back to Colorado last week on Thursday, December 26, and after a long day of travel, when I finally dropped my bags inside my apartment and flopped down on my bed, I wished I wasn’t there. I wished I was two timezones away, back in Florida having dinner with my family, planning a day at Disney. I wished for one more hug from my mom. I wished I was less selfish with my time.

Colorado is so special, and I love being here, but it feels good to spend time with family who I only see a few times each year.

Here are some of my favorites from Florida last week.

Visiting Kennedy Space Center. I dedicated an entire post to it. It was a truly incredible experience, and we didn’t even hit the whole park.

Runs between (and also in) the rain drops. It rained a majority of the days I was there, but it didn’t bother me and was actually very refreshing. I can’t wait for warm weather around here again. Winter in Colorado feels especially brutal at times.

Baking cookies with my mom and sister. It’s always a tradition and it’s one of my favorites.

Christmas morning! I did something a little different and got up at 6 a.m. for a run before the day got going. I ran through a couple different neighborhoods and admired all the lights and savored the stillness. There were actually quite a few groups out at that time getting in their morning run. Everyone I passed was so friendly, shouting, “Merry Christmas!” as they passed. The best.

Lots of Scrabble games with my mom. I got dealt all vowels a few times, ha. Definitely didn’t win those rounds.

My sister’s family came over later that day. We opened presents, had some breakfast and more coffee (for me), then got out some energy on the golf course behind my parents’ house. It was closed to the public that day, so we practiced our putting. And handstands 😉

The holidays always go by too quickly, don’t they? Hope you all had a time.

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