Good Kanza Training + A Weekend In the 70s

Well well well. Speaking of getting back into shape…  

Last weekend I kicked off my non-training training plan with two bigger rides with some good climbing. One of my friends so rudely reminded me that we’re less than four months away from race day in Dirty Kanza and I swear to God my heart almost fell out my ass. My initial reaction was to feel like four months is not enough time to train for 200 miles. My second reaction was to panic-Google trainer workouts I could do on days like today when it’s 0° with a high of 24°.

But before that brutal weather rolled in this week, Colorado was hashtag blessed with two super sunny and oddly warm days that were absolutely perfect for riding and running and being outside all dang day.

On Saturday, I was not only pumped to not have to wear shoes covers in February, but I also couldn’t wait to test out the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM. I’ve never had a bike computer, so I felt totally spoiled knowing my mileage, elevation gain, and time of day it was all at the same time. Welcome to 2020, Edwards! I plan on reviewing and writing about all the Wahoo products I received because I absolutely love them so far.

^^^ It hurts me to even share this photo because I know the computer is on the wrong side of my handlebars. But here we are. I’m such a noob.

The wind ended up being pretty bad, so it was slow going even on descents. But after I regrouped at Rapha, had some coffee, caught up with friends, and stalled for a solid 40 minutes, I got back on the road and covered about 50 miles. It wasn’t my biggest day or my best day, but it felt important to get outside even in the rough, windy weather because who knows what kinds of conditions Kanza will bring us this year? When I went two years ago to crew my uncle, the riders battled bad wind and rain. Gotta be prepared for anything.

Sunday, though? Sunday was better. And beautiful. Sunday was so, so beautiful and those memories are getting me through the freezing temps were enduring right now.

I got on the road around 9:30 a.m. in just shorts and a light jacket over a short sleeve jersey. My poor legs haven’t seen sun since Christmas in Florida, so they were loving it. Everyone who had to look at them, though…not so much, ya know? I headed right up Sunshine Canyon to Fourmile Canyon towards Gold Hill.

I was in a world of hurt almost immediately after Fourmile, cycling just 3mph on some steep stretches. I had flashbacks to hot summer days when I would cruise up to Gold Hill with my friends like it was nothing. I kept reminding myself that great cycling fitness ebbs and flows, especially in Colorado and especially when the weather is unpredictable.


When I finally made it up to the General Store, I was ready for a drink and a snack. I hung out on the front porch soaking up the weather knowing it would be short-lived when some friends rolled up. Everyone was out and about this weekend.

The way back down into town was much smoother and so beautiful. I stopped several times to just enjoy the view. Overall, I was a little frustrated with my fitness but also excited to get to work on it.

Four months. We can do it.

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