Push Picks x FEB 7 20

It’s my first Push Picks of 2020!

AND it’s a Friday. What’s better than that? Today I’m sharing some fun (and not so fun) things going on lately—things I’m reading, following, loving, not loving, etc. Let me know what you’re loving (or not) lately!

Something I’m following closely: the Nike shoe drama. As the most powerful giant in sports, Nike has really stirred something up with their Vaporfly shoe. To me, it feels like a huge case of “ask for forgiveness not permission” situation. Nike created these groundbreaking shoes that helped elite athletes start taking down world records and everyday runners nab Boston qualifying times—and suddenly the running world had changed. Running shoe companies needed to jump into action to create a shoe that could keep up with the Nike Vaporfly, which would later be banned in races. Alex Hutchinson wrote (another) great article for Outside that really breaks down the situation and what’s next.

“The real problem was that the shoes worked too well. It wasn’t a case of cheating, but of innovation that had succeeded so much that it upset the delicate competitive balance at the elite level. It called for regulation rather than vilification.”

Something I’m so excited about right now: the Olympic Trials Marathon in Atlanta, GA. Ok, speaking of illegal shoes and breaking records…I’m heading to Atlanta at the end of February to watch the Olympic Trials Marathon and I’m SO EXCITED. I’m excited to not only watch the race and my heroes vie for a spot on the Olympic team, but also hopefully attend some of the events before the race like live podcast recordings and meetups some of my favorite people in the sport are organizing. It’s going to be an awesome weekend.

Something I’m reading: Sky Walking by Tom Jones. Ever since I read Endurance and visited Kennedy Space Center over Christmas, I have been so into learning about space travel, what it’s like to fly a shuttle, and what it takes to be a NASA astronaut. Tom Jones was a B-52 pilot in the Cold War, he earned a PhD in planetary science, then moved on to astronaut training where he eventually traveled into space on Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1994. I’m not finished yet, but it’s so great so far and I fall asleep reading it every night.

Something I’m mourning: my kitty cat, Timmy. My mom called me yesterday to tell me he had passed away early in the morning. I got him on my 16th birthday and he was just the best cat ever. He was so loving and friendly; when I went to Florida to visit my family I was always so excited to see him. Ugh. That was tough, but I’m happy he was never sick and didn’t suffer. He was just old, which is how I think we’d all like to go one day.

Something I could definitely do without: SNOW. I woke up to several inches this morning (with lots more on the way) and my first reaction was to just pout as I sipped my coffee and watched it fall sideways from the grey sky. I feel like such a grinch this year, but it’s difficult to embrace the season when we get beautiful sunshiney days in the 70s in between others in the single digits.

Something I’m eating on repeat: GIANT loaded salads. Ever since I made this one a couple weekends ago, I just can’t quit it. It has all the flavors and textures I love and it’s pretty filling but not so much that I’m uncomfortable and feeling like I want to nap at my desk.

Something I use every day: Aquaphor Healing Ointment. My skin is SO DRY this time of year, especially now that I live in Colorado where there’s virtually no humidity. I actually bought this on accident thinking it was lotion, but it turned out to be a happy mistake because regular lotion just isn’t cutting it these days. My cuticles have never felt better.

Something I listen to every morning: Today, Explained podcast. I’ve talked about Today, Explained in other posts, but I’m especially tuned in due to recent happenings that they’re covering like the impeachment and Coronavirus. There’s a new episode every morning, and I especially love it because they interview experts on the topics they’re covering.

Something I look forward to each week: The Strategist “Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy” roundups. I’m trying not to mindlessly buy things I don’t need—and I’m doing a pretty good job at it, but I’m a sucker for steep deals, and this NY Mag site scours the internet for awesome sales on specific items. Sometimes there’s nothing in them for me and other times I want everything. Read: cashmere PJ pants and a hunter green roasting pan.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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