Quarantine Day 1: Weekend Riding, Working From Home + Great Podcasts

Today is day one of working from home due to COVID-19.

My mom works from home every day. A lot of my friends here in Colorado have remote jobs and work from home every day. But a two-week WFH policy sounds like both a blessing and a curse to me. I love the comfort of working from home (and from my bed, let’s be honest), but sometimes things get done more slowly without everyone in the same room or building. I don’t get answers as quickly and I’ve already experienced my first technological glitch just one hour into the day. Technically, we are allowed to be in the office if we feel comfortable, if we take proper precautions, and if we generally stay away from each other, so there’s a chance I’ll go in for a couple days just to stay sane and reinstate structure. But we’ll see how the next couple of days go. However, gotta be honest, it was very nice to roll out of bed at 7:30 a.m., go for a sunny run, then ease into work with coffee and a bowl of fresh fruit. Do you work from home or have you ever for extended periods of time? Got any tips to make it go a bit more smoothly?

As for this weekend, I practiced some recommended social distancing with two training rides and one long hike.

On Saturday, I got on the bike around 10 a.m. for what I hoped would be at least a 50-mile ride, but the weather didn’t warm up as quickly as I hoped and my fingers and toes froze up on my way down Flagstaff Mountain.

^^^ Happy to be riding but freezing on the inside. 

I couldn’t get them to warm up, so I cut my ride short and headed for home, ending up with just under 30 miles.

After lunch with a side of pouting, I headed out to Marshall Mesa for a hike. The sun was starting to come out and the day had warmed up to about 50 degrees. (Ugh, why didn’t I wait to ride?!) I hadn’t been to Marshall Mesa in awhile; it gets closed fairly often in the winter and when the snow starts to melt because frequent traffic messes up the trails.

Thankfully it was reopened on Saturday, so I hiked for about two hours while listening to some really great podcasts.

These were a few good ones:

Ep 133 – A new chapter for Pursuing Health with Dr. Dani Urcuyo

Ep 124 – Breaking Barriers with Adaptive Athlete and Coach Kevin Ogar

Today, Explained: Living In Lockdown

On Saturday I learned my lesson, so on Sunday I waited until almost 11 a.m. to get on my bike. By the time I headed towards Boulder, it was almost in the 40s and temps were climbing, which felt great. I weaved my way up north and then east on some of the gravel roads, then back toward Louisville. It was a rare sunny and non-windy day, so I took advantage and got in 60 miles to make up for Saturday. Sunday was the first day I felt like I had a little more gas in the tank. Climbing felt just a little bit better than it has, my legs felt just a little more alive, especially when I was nearing the end of the ride, and while I was definitely exhausted when I rolled into the driveway, I felt like my fitness was returning. I know it’s a slow process, so I’m doing my best to take it one day and week at a time.

I spent the rest of Sunday building Monday evening’s pick-up grocery list, watching Pete Davidson’s stand-up special on Netflix (kinda funny but mostly inappropriate), and reading Scott Fauble’s new episode of The Office. If you were/are a fan of the show, read it. You’ll definitely appreciate it 🙂

Oh wait, I did go to the store to stock up on toilet paper…

Ugh. I hate people.

Anyway. Hope you all are self-quarantining and doing your best to stay sane during this crazy time. 🙏

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