Quarantine Day 2: Trying to Get Better at This WFH Thing

Once I made it through the first day of figuring out what style of working works for me, I felt like it was easier to make a plan and get myself and my space organized.

On Monday, day one of this thing, I started with a morning run, which set my day off on the right foot (PUN INTENDED, I AM A WRITER). But when I got home from my six miles, I immediately jumped into my day. I was simultaneously making coffee, replying to emails, opening tabs, chatting with my co-workers, getting ready for a 10 a.m. meeting, writing things in my notebook—it was too much at one time. Plus, I was still covered in sweat and I stunk, which was distracting in itself. To add to all that, my bed was unmade, my dishes were still in the sink—casa Edwards was CHAOS and, with that, my brain. I felt frazzled and unfocused almost the whole day because my space and my hair felt that way.

Today I learned my lesson. I went for another 6-miler in the morning, but when I got home I made coffee and showered before I even opened my laptop. I set up my things on my desk, lit a candle, made my bed, cracked a window, had my to-do list handy, then checked in with my boss and got to work. Almost immediately, I felt more productive and less stressed. I got more work done in the first half of the day than I did all day Monday. WFH experts say it’s important to get dressed for the day instead of staying in PJs even if you don’t leave the house. I haven’t graduated to that quite yet because I just cannot sit around in jeans all day, but the little changes I did make made a significant difference.

Another thing I’m working on is making meals when I’m hungry at mealtimes instead of snacking on everything in the fridge when I’m bored or between meetings, and today I discovered I love refried beans. They were one of the only foods on the shelves at the grocery store the other day so I bought a few cans. I added them to some roasted veggies and they were delicious.

I also learned today that I love The Beaches, a badass rock ‘n’ roll group out of Canada. I found them through one of my favorite bands, The Glorious Sons, and today I blasted a few of their songs while I finished up some mindless tasks. It was great!

So…so far so good on the WFH front. Things could be worse and from everything I’m hearing from the news, they’re going to get worse before they get better. But I’m doing everything I can to take care of myself, which I think inadvertently takes care of other people. Ya know?

Last night I went to Walmart to pickup my groceries (GUYS, if you’ve not tried grocery pickup WYD WITH YOUR LIFE?) and the poor attendant said people have been very rude and upset that things are sold out in stores. It made me sad to know that people are taking out their anger on employees who are putting themselves at risk to benefit other people and to make a living. It gave me some perspective in all this.

^^^ Still loving my afternoon visits from Onion Ring. Follow my stories to see more of this sweet boy. 

Hope you’re doing ok during these tough times and making an effort—however that may be—to keep yourself and others healthy. 🙏

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