Training In A Pandemic: Highest Mileage In Awhile

After last week’s daily quarantine posts, it didn’t feel right to keep writing about my days that are mostly very boring. Because being bored these days is a privilege.

I am not a healthcare worker putting in endless shifts caring for others. I am not a cashier at a grocery store coming into contact with thousands of people every week. I am no longer a barista; if I were I might be out of a job. I am a writer with the privilege of sitting at her computer day after day working remotely with co-workers who are doing the same. I can go out for a run or a bike ride when I want to. I can call my family in Florida who is doing the same. While I know my feelings of loneliness and sadness and anxiety are “valid,” they feel less important. And I feel lucky for that.

On Friday the President and CEO of the company I work for addressed all of the employees over a video call. For thirty minutes, he discussed the state of the business and how the virus is affecting us in each country. He talked about where they are cutting back, financially, as well as our donation and charity efforts, and how we can help in the weeks going forward. For the next thirty minutes he took questions, and many of them could be summed up with the answer, “We just don’t know yet.”

There’s a lot of that. A lot of questions that don’t have answers. We’re living in a world of unknowns right now, and it feels like we’ll be here for a while longer. I hope in all this unknown and collective fear and stress that we can find moments of peace and calm.

For me, I’ve found that peace in morning runs and evening bike rides, which are still allowed here in Colorado, specifically in Boulder county. We have stay-in-place regulations which allows us to leave for essentials like groceries or trips to the doctor or pharmacy. We can exercise outside but not in groups, and we have to keep a distance from people in public. I’m sure that is a mandate almost everywhere at this point. Along with many restaurants, small businesses, cafés, shops, etc, our national parks and many recreational parks and playgrounds have closed for the foreseeable future. And while all this feels like a new normal now, I am thankful for it. I am thankful for police officers patrolling public parks and making neighborhood rounds to ensure people aren’t gathering.

^^^ Cool outfit, brah.

Four mornings this week I was out early for a run as the sun came up and got in about 23.5 miles for the week, which is on the higher end of what I’ve done in awhile. Sometimes I head out with music, sometimes podcasts, and sometimes nothing at all. But this week, I really loved these episodes:

Mario’s Ask Me Anything

Running Is Not Canceled by Citius Mag

Giving Birth In A Pandemic

Building Rapha — this one felt so special since I used to work for Rapha and have so much love and respect for what Simon built

^^^ NOT my bathroom mirror. It’s in the garage, ha!

Since the weather was so good this week (not counting Friday when it SNOWED), I got out on the bike six times this for three evening rides, one indoor ride and two long weekend rides on Saturday (50 miles) and Sunday (70 miles), which totaled 220 miles for the week.

I haven’t done that much in months, but during this crazy time I’ve really leaned harder on exercise to help ease my anxiety and stress and loneliness. If I stay in my apartment all day and night, I’ll go absolutely crazy.

I’m also still trying to train for Dirty Kanza at the end of May which, as of now, has not been cancelled. I don’t know how realistic it is that the race will go on, but I can’t show up unprepared to a 200-mile gravel race. It would be a bad, bad day to be undertrained.


Tomorrow is Monday and we’re gonna do this whole thing over again. We can do it.

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