Quarantine Week 3: This New Normal, Lots of Running + Articles, Podcasts, and more

“It’s a wild time. Might as well stay alive through it.”
-Lauren Fleshman

Earlier this week, as I was scrolling Instagram, I noticed Lauren Fleshman go live with Sarah Lesko—both of whom are associated with Oiselle. I’m not a huge fan of Instagram Live, but I was between work projects and just needed to listen to someone talk for awhile as I sat in silence in my lonely apartment.

They didn’t have an agenda. It was like listening to two friends chat about the goings-on of life, family, and of course COVID-19. I’ve always been a fan of Lauren and I la-la-la LOVE the Work, Play, Love podcast she hosts with her husband, Jesse Thomas. And Sarah Lesko has a soothing, motherly voice that makes me feel like everything’s gonna be alright.

They were getting to the end of their conversation about coronavirus and what they were both doing to stay sane through it all when Lauren sighed and said, “It’s a wild time. Might as well stay alive through it.” It made me smile. She didn’t mean it in the literal sense because maybe that would’ve been insensitive, but instead the mental and emotional sense. We’re all just trying to stay alive, stay present, stay strong and motivated to carry on one day to the next. Staying alive through this, to me, means keeping my shit together day in and day out—giving my body the exercise it needs, the good food it deserves, the downtime I’ve deprived it of. It means staying connected to friends and family, overcommunicating when necessary, reading a book for goodness sake. Indeed, it is a wild time, my friends.

On that note, hey. How are you? Are we staying sane or have we started talking to the shampoo bottles in the shower? I may or may not be speaking from experience.

Now that I’m at the end of my third week of working from home, I’m happy to say that although it is lonely a lot of the time, I’m in a routine and weirdly enjoying it. I have time to go on longer (for me) runs every morning, make coffee in my own coffee pot, take a long hot shower, let my hair air dry, light a candle and ease into the day with a little journaling. It all feels a little luxurious.

This week I went on four morning runs. I usually leave around 7:30 a.m. and get in anywhere between 5.5-7 miles, mostly on the trails near my place. I feel lucky for that. Louisville’s Coal Creek trail is less than a mile from my front door, and I usually hop on that for an out-and-back to make it easy. It’s mostly flat, buffed out, and super wide so it’s easy to give runners, walkers, and bikers a good amount of space. I also really love seeing other people out and about first thing—and most days it’s the same people. I try to wave to and smile at as many people as I can because in this wild and uncertain time, I know that we all understand what each of us is going through, that we don’t know how much longer it will be, but that we’re in it together. Yesterday’s run was cold and rainy/sleety and as temperatures dropped, the water on my coat and glasses froze up.

By the time I got home, I was covered in a layer of ice and my glasses were frozen to my hair. I kinda loved it.

What I’m running in right now is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail.

My dad actually got these for me for Christmas. He usually gets me a cool pair of shoes every year (that I don’t ask for). I was hesitant because Nike isn’t exactly a leader in the trail running space and there are so many companies that specialize in that. BUT, I really like them so far, especially because they transition so well from pavement to buffed out trail. They are not great for technical trails and don’t have deep lugs for grip, but they do provide a little traction and they are super cushy on pavement, which is something you wouldn’t get with a more aggressive sole. I’d compare them to something like a Salomon Sense Ride trail shoe. (Except, the Sense Ride gave me major foot pain after about 200 miles.) I’ve put in probably about 100 miles total in them so far and I highly recommend if you’re looking for a shoe like this; I’ll definitely be buying another pair in the future.

So…work life. I’m happy to report that everyone on my team is getting better at this remote thing. We are learning how best to communicate with each other, that more face time is actually a good thing for productivity and sanity, and that weekly video conference happy hours are an absolute must. I have never worked a fully remote job before and I’ll say it takes a lot of self-discipline to put down the phone, close out of your tabs, and focus on work-related things. But I’ve found that putting my phone somewhere across the room and giving myself work windows with breaks helps me stay focused. Honestly, it’s a struggle. I’m working on it. On the nice days, I try to take my laptop outside for a little bit to soak up some sunshine. I feel more productive and think more clearly when I’m not staring at the same walls all day.

And because I want to leave you with something useful, here are some great podcasts and articles I’ve listened to and read this week:

Kylie’s experience as a mom of 2: I’m not a mom and not sure I will ever be one, but I love her perspective on life, body image/size, relationships, etc.

How to make quick pickled veggies from Minimalist Baker: Definitely trying this soon!

On the Job with Kelly McKnight, Orthopedic Surgery Resident from the Ali on the Run Podcast

What It’s Like to Live Across the Street From a Temporary Morgue During the Coronavirus Outbreak: CHILLING

The Pandemic Is Turning the Natural World Upside Down

Brad Stulberg’s Twitter feed is an absolute goldmine for advice, common sense, quotes, data, reassurance, etc. He’s my favorite.

Want What You Got by The Beaches: ON REPEAT

Should We Still Be Shopping?: Great article from MR

I hope you’re doing well. ❤

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