Quarantine Week 4: High highs and Low lows

Monday, March 16th was our first day of working from home. During a company-wide virtual call hosted by our company’s CEO, we were told we’d be remote for two weeks and then assess the situation. 

^^^ Hanging on by a thread, honestly.

Well, the situation was assessed and after the first week, as things escalated, we knew our optimistic timeline would stretch out further than we hoped or expected. Here we are, more than a month into a stay-at-home order, trying to function as a business—as a creative team—as seamlessly as possible.

I’ve gone through so many highs and lows over the past month. The first week, I found it difficult to fall into a new schedule; I had never lived and worked from the same place for an extended period of time. The second week, I developed a routine I started to enjoy and made my days feel productive and, at times, meaningful. The third week, I leaned on wise words from others, called my family, sent more letters in the mail, made sure to keep up my training as a means for staying sane even though my goal races fell off the calendar.

^^^ Please follow Brad on Twitter. He is a wealth of knowledge, encouragement, positivity; all of the above and more.

Going into week four, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Things were getting increasingly worse in regards to new COVID-19 cases, we were still working from home, Dirty Kanza was postponed, and my summer plans of visiting my family’s lake house didn’t look feasible. Week four, I think, had the more highs and lows combined than any other week so far.


The loneliness was real, I bought coloring books to pass the time (something I have resisted), and I set social media time limits for myself on my phone each day because mindlessly scrolling has been doing more harm than good in regards to my mental health.


I canceled memberships I wasn’t using to save money. I’ve been reading every night before bed instead of using a device, I took my first virtual piano lesson with my uncle (and had my second this evening), I began the process of getting clear aligners to finally straighten my teeth after 10 years of telling myself I would…

…and I went on some beautiful evening and weekend bike rides…

…before the snow rolled in on Sunday. The snow is beautiful and it makes me savor the warm days even more, but we’re in mid-April and I’m ready for warm, spring and summer weather to stick around for good.

This was the day after I took that photo of me riding my bike in SHORT SLEEVES above. Le sigh.

In the shower the other day (where I manifest my greatest ideas) I was thinking about how quickly humans adapt to different situations; adaptation as a means of survival. I think that instinct is buried in us somewhere down deep but never needs to be accessed as frequently because we live such cushioned lives. I have notes scribbled here and there in a notebook about that topic I’m hoping to turn into a longer piece this month. But that’s something that’s been rolling around my brain.

To leave you with something meaningful, please listen to the dispatch series on Man Repeller. This is the third one, but check them all out on their IGTV page. Leandra talks freely about what’s happening in the world, how she is processing it, what her day-to-day is like; and she offers a lot of amazing insight. I loved it and listened to them this past weekend while I colored.


I hope you are doing well. We’re in this, and will emerge from this, together.

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