Feel better, productive, helpful, organized, happy, connected, etc. With These Tips

Well, it’s Friday and I still have a job.

That’s more than I can say for a lot of my friends. Amidst layoffs that are happening worldwide, industry-wide, state-wide, I was spared for now, and I feel beyond grateful and frankly very fucking lucky.

^^^ This happened Wednesday night and continued all day Thursday. Sigh.

At the beginning of this thing, I never felt like my job was in jeopardy and layoffs weren’t on my radar. I figured a global company like ours that absolutely crushed it in 2019 would somehow rise above this, but as the coronavirus situation progressed, it became more clear than ever that even brands as big as ours weren’t immune to a crisis of this scale. Over the last week or so I saw reports of major shops like Grey New York,  Dentsu, Publicis and more are furloughing employees and cutting salaries as well. Every industry has been impacted in some way and it will be interesting to see how different our world may be when we all emerge from this.

So, here I am sitting in my big comfy chair working from the home and the WiFi I can still afford wondering how I got so lucky to have just barely made it through to the next round. If you know someone who was laid off or furloughed, check in with them every so often. Offer a shoulder, an ear, and advice but only if they ask for it. Loneliness is difficult enough without unemployment mixed in. How are you doing?

The highs and lows have been real over here, so below are some things that have helped me feel better, productive, helpful, organized, happy, connected, etc. I hope some of them help you throughout the next couple weeks or months as the world continues to change and hopefully recover from COVID-19 and its effects. (And add your own in the comments!)

Check 1-3 things off a to-do list every day. Even if that one thing is making your bed, I promise it provides a small sense of accomplishment.

Call / text / Facetime / Instagram message / tweet a friend or family member every day. Yes, every single day. Human connection is so important. My family has been so great about group texting every day and video calling every single Sunday at 4 p.m. I love the interaction and routine.

Get fresh air every day. If it’s bad weather, open up a window, stick your head out and take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed. I try to walk or run outside every day and it has made a world of difference for my productivity and mental health.

Cook something homemade once or twice a week. At the end of a long day or hard workout, preparing a complicated meal is not something I get excited about, but the meditative act of preparing ingredients and following a recipe is actually calming. Plus, the reward is always worth it. I like making casseroles or egg bakes because they’re simple and usually hard to mess up.

Try something you thought you hated. Mine? Olives and stretching. Turns out olives are still disgusting, but the other night I followed a stretching routine and it was actually so relaxing. I’ve been running more since being home and my everything is tight, from my nose to my toes. I felt so bendy and relaxed and I definitely slept better.

Read something every day; an article, a newsletter, a book, the newspaper. All this extra social media consumption cannot be good for us. (I’ve also recently set time limits on my social media apps.) Plus, finishing said article or newsletter or what have you can also instill a sense of accomplishment. Plus, maybe you learned something. I just finished up Riding Rockets by Mike Mullane and cracked open a new book last night.

If you must buy, buy mindfully. Think long and hard about who you are supporting and why, what the impact of your purchase on that company may be, and whether or not the item you buy produces a long-term benefit or sense of satisfaction. (As opposed to a stupid pack of hair ties my sister got the other day only because they were $2.99.) Leandra from Man Repeller posted this (third slide) and I just love her perspective.

Knock out those software updates. You know the ones that you keep deferring to the next day until infinity? And read something while you’re waiting for it.

Unsubscribe to emails you don’t read and subscribe to a newsletter you think is valuable and something you can look forward to every day or week. I subscribe to Mario Fraioli’s The Morning Shakeout, which is delivered every Tuesday. He includes links to tons of awesome articles, provides race recaps, and share valuable podcasts.

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