Weekend Riding + Eating: Dirt trails and homemade things

This is when we all should be doing big rides together!

The other weekend when I ran into my friend (the one who so graciously sent me home with delicious pastries and ciabatta bread), she said this while we were talking about spring riding. And she’s right. April, May, June – these are the best months to get together and spend the whole day in the mountains on our bikes, exploring the dirt roads and trails once covered in multiple feet of snow. I often wish I could ride them all year round, but then they might not be as special.

This past weekend, waves of nostalgia and longing washed over me while I was out riding some of my favorite dirt roads alone. I really missed looking over at my fellow friends suffering along with me, knowing we were just a few miles out from a cup of coffee and a slice of Gold Hill pie, or a cinnamon bun and kouign amann from Moxie. I know we’ll get back together again one day—and from everything I’ve read in the news, it seems like things are improving in Colorado—but I felt especially solo out there on the bike weaving in and out of runners and bikers who probably also wished they had a friend with them, too.

Last week, during a string of really nice days and warm, sunny evenings, I found myself putting in more and harder miles than I have in the past month or so. This always happens when the weather transitions from winter to spring to summer. I can’t help but be outside as much as possible, even if that means killing myself on the trails or beating my quads to bits. So this weekend, I forced myself to take it easy on both my Saturday and Sunday rides. I didn’t put in any hard efforts, and didn’t climb like a maniac. If my heart rate was starting to climb and if my legs were fatiguing up a hill, I backed off, threw my bike in the lowest gear and slow pedaled the rest of the way. I am excited to keep building fitness, especially since I have more time to train for Dirty Kanza in September, but I also don’t want to burn myself out before the really big miles begin. It’s always a tough balance because the riding is so good right now (as the snow melts and the roads way up in the mountains dry out).

I got in 63 miles on Saturday and 53 on Sunday, which brought me up to almost 180 for the whole week—plus 25 run miles. Yeah. Tired. Thankfully, when I woke up this morning my legs actually felt refreshed and rested thanks to the easy pace and probably all the good stuff I’ve been making and refueling with in the kitchen.

Speaking of…

In one of my last posts, I mentioned that I’m trying to make a couple new things every week to mix up my meals so I’m not eating the same thing every day, which I tend to do. Last week I made tuna/salmon salad, croutons with my ciabatta bread, and guacamole.

I’m not great a following recipes, so I threw in ingredients that sounded good, and it worked out great. I even ate the tuna/salmon salad for breakfast a couple days because what is mealtime and meal suggestions if not social constructs manufactured by food corporations? (Things I think about on my long long bike rides, lol.)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I hope you’re doing things and eating things and reading things and listening to things and making things or coloring things that make you happy. This won’t last forever, but it’s a time we will definitely remember forever, so let’s make the best of it.

What’s something you’ve made, eaten, listened to…etc. that you’ve loved?

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