Quarantine Week 6: What if I enjoy aspects of this?

I hate the devastation and the suffering.

I don’t like the layoffs.

I don’t like that huge races like the Boston marathon, the Tour de France, and the Olympics are either cancelled or postponed.

I don’t like that I can’t see my family. I wish I could hug my mom. I wish I could hug anyone.

I don’t like that businesses are closed; some for good.

I don’t like that the one grandparent I have left is isolated and sad.

I don’t like that people are afraid of hostile toward each other.


But. I love getting to run outside every morning, which is something I know I wouldn’t have made time for if we were still working from the office.

I love biking in the evenings right when the clock hits 5 p.m.

I love cooking fresh meals for myself every day instead of prepping and portioning on the weekends.

I LOVE not wearing makeup or styling my hair.

I really love my standing Zoom calls with my family every Sunday at 4 p.m., which wouldn’t have started unless we were in this situation.

I love having time to take virtual piano lessons.

I LOVE sitting in my big comfy chair every morning checking emails with a cup of coffee.

I love taking walks around my neighborhood listening to podcasts in the afternoon sunshine.

I don’t love feeling guilty for loving these things when so many others aren’t as fortunate to work from home or even work at all. Last week—week six—our team was told we’d begin to go back into the office in a few weeks at reduced capacity and with a slew of precautions taken, and part of me was sad about it. Part of me has adapted so well to this normal-for-now, a big part of me enjoys the work-from-home life, and I feel ashamed to admit that when so many friends and family are being furloughed, laid off, and filing for unemployment.

Jamie Mendell, one of my favorite women to follow on Instagram, posted about missing certain aspects of this time when our lives slowly and eventually return to the normal we once knew, and my feelings are very similar. I guess my biggest hope for the future is that we emerge CHANGED, as a country and as a world as a whole. I hope we recognize what matters and what doesn’t. I hope we all hold on to the connections and good habits we’ve formed. I hope the world understands the progress we’ve made, and holds onto it. 

Like the significant decrease in pollution. On an evening hike this week, I listened to a Today, Explained podcast episode all about the oil and gas industry. It’s suffering. But do you know what’s not? Air quality. A CCN article explained, “Major cities that suffer from the world’s worst air pollution have seen reductions of deadly particulate matter by up to 60% from the previous year, during a three-week lockdowns period.”

And like safety in schools. Another article I read reported that March 2020 was the first March in nearly 20 years without a school shooting since schools started shutting down toward the end of the month. It only took a pandemic… 

Amidst the chaos and sadness and uncertainty, there are enjoyable moments and silver linings. There are things to still be thankful for and cherish, and there are things I will miss when health and safety is restored. 

How are you feeling these days? Are there things you are enjoying about time in quarantine? 

2 Replies to “Quarantine Week 6: What if I enjoy aspects of this?”

  1. Great post, thanks for that! We’ve shared those views too recently. Amongst the terrible sadness that is all around us, there are some really special routines that would otherwise not have been considered. Let’s hope these small silver linings continue once this is all done 🙂

  2. There are definitely aspects to all of this I am enjoying, the biggest being I am allowed to take leave from work. So I am enjoying the benefits of being in Germany, without having to actually work. I am taking time each day to make good meals, go for bike rides, and connect deeper with myself.

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