Friday Trail Running: Beaver Brook Trail, Golden, CO

Summer Fridays at work are my favorite day of the week because it’s a half day! It’s such a treat; there are so many fun things to do in Colorado during the summertime and it’s great to get a head start on weekend plans.

After I shut my computer for the day on Friday afternoon, I headed straight to Golden to run a new-to-me trail called Beaver Brook Trail. Can you guess how I found it? That’s right: AllTrails. The entire out-and-back trail is around 11 miles with several thousand feet of elevation gain, but I planned to only run a portion of that.

To get to there you drive a couple miles up Lookout Mountain, which is a winding paved road that snakes up the side of a mountain in Golden—and is super fun to ride up and down on a bike. I was actually there a couple years ago with the Rapha crew to watch the Colorado Classic. So much fun! Anyway, the trailhead lot is pretty small and there isn’t much parking, BUT there are public bathrooms. Always a plus.

I didn’t have trouble finding a spot because it was 1:30 p.m. on a Friday. I have a feeling it’s busy on the weekends since it’s an easy trail to get to with beautiful views right at the parking lot, and it’s free.

Right from the first step, I wasn’t feeling great and I was just…annoyed. And I was annoyed almost the entire run. My legs were heavy. It was hot and muggy even with cloud cover. The first mile was nearly impossible to run due to HUGE boulders in the middle of the trail and super narrow sections with big drop-offs.

^^^ These white paint marks were the trail markers, but they really weren’t necessary because the trail is very easy to follow. 

The trail was overgrown in a lot of spots so I felt like things were always touching me: branches, bugs, bushes. It got on my nerves, and also, what if it was poisonous? (Spoiler: none of it was poisonous, Lindsay.)

I felt…fat. Ugh, I hate that I’m even saying that because, like, WHO CARES. But it’s the truth. I just felt big and hot and uncomfortable in the shorts I was wearing. When I passed other people on the trail I didn’t even say hi. I just wanted to hide and get the run over with.

Which is a shame because it was really beautiful.

The trail snaked into the woods and along the side of the mountains. The trees smelled fresh and after a couple miles the dirt was so soft and plush under my feet.

The trail was very quiet, so I didn’t pass many people and really felt like I had the whole mountain to myself. The birds were SO noisy; I love hearing them squawk back and forth at each other.

But all I could think about was how bad I felt and how bad I thought I looked. It’s something I’m still working on and will be for awhile.

I think I need to give this trail another go when I’m in a different headspace because I know I would’ve enjoyed it much more had I taken the time to appreciate it.

Overall, I’d give this trail maybe a 7/10 because it’s so easy to get to and only about 45 minutes away but it feels like you’ve escaped into the mountains of a national park.

After my run, I headed into Golden to walk the main streets and see what else was on sale at Vital Outdoors. I tried on some more shoes but didn’t leave with anything. (Thank goodness.)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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