A Friday Edition of updates + things: running, cycling, podcasting

Good morning and happy (summer) Friday!

I get to close my laptop and start my weekend at 1 p.m. today and I couldn’t be happier about it. Like last week, I might check out a new trail this afternoon, but it all depends on what the weather does; I’m looking out my window at gray skies, so we’ll keep an eye on that this morning.

Updates and things:

  1. Serial is coming back July 30: I about fell off my chair when I opened up my podcast app to find a new series called Nice White Parents launching July 30! It’s “a new limited series about building a better school system, and what gets in the way.” The New York Times has recently acquired Serial Productions, which will obviously provide the Serial team with opportunities and funding to produce more amazing stories. The teaser is awesome and I can’t wait to hear more. Have you listened to the previous Serial and S-Town seasons?
  2. Topo Designs is have a HUGE sale right now: I’ve been adding things to my cart all week because a lot of their summer stuff is up to 70% off and since I want everything I haven’t purchased anything at all. J.Crew is also having a huge summer sale. I’ve already purchased a couple things, but they put even more tops, dresses, and skirts on sale, so what I’m saying is someone please rescue me from myself. I’m trying to do more investing in higher quality pieces of clothing that won’t go into a donate pile after one wash, you know?
  3. I made homemade tomato sauce last night and I haven’t felt more like an adult since I signed up for my own healthcare. Big steps. I didn’t use a recipe, but mine was very similar to this one except  I didn’t use a bay leaf and I did add my tomato mixture to a blender after it was done cooking to give it a smoother consistency. I can’t wait to use it on pasta and in casseroles.

  4. Speaking of food, my spontaneous sauce-making party has inspired me to make Minimalist Baker’s falafel this weekend. I’m a carnivore through and through, but I loooove falafel and this recipe looks super easy and tasty. I’ll report back if it’s a winner or maybe post about it on stories, so follow me there 🙂
  5. I touched on this on Instagram, but in the last month I’ve lost a lot of motivation to ride my bike. Usually I’m pumped for summer riding with my friends and getting in good shape for cyclocross season and big fall races like SBT GRVL and the Rapha Women’s Prestige, but…none of those races are happening this year. And I doubt there will be a CX season (which is the best season!). I’m not special; a lot of things have been cancelled for a lot of people. But I have a feeling that’s why I’ve been so meh about putting in any real training. There are also no organized rides from the Rapha Boulder clubhouse, so riding hasn’t felt like a social activity to me and that’s one of the reasons why I get on the bike. We’ll make our way out of this eventually, but it’s just a weird time.
  6. I’m eight weeks into using my Byte aligners and I’m loving them. I had braces in high school but was never consistent at wearing my retainer after I got them off so I ended up with crooked teeth again and that has bothered me for the last five or six years. Byte isn’t cheap but it’s nothing compared to Invisalign, so I bit the bullet and ordered the kit. So far it has been very worth it. I can see and feel my smile changing, which makes me really happy. Highly recommend Byte if you’re looking to straighten your teeth.

  7. I’m definitely heading back to Ouray for my birthday. I decided. I can’t stop thinking about my last vacation and the prices are even better in October, so I think I’m going to treat myself to one more stay at Basecamp before the weather really gets bad for winter. I can’t wait!

What’s going on with you? Hope you all had a great week and enjoy your weekend!

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