PART TWO Big Climbs + More Sandwiches + A Trail Run: Showing my FL friends around Colorado by Bike


Picking up On Sunday…

With a deep ache in my quads (and calves and back and butt) and terror in my heart, I met up with my friends again to head into Boulder and pick up one my friends for another big ride, which I wasn’t sure I’d even be able to finish after Saturday. But, we (I) soldiered on.

This time we headed up to Jamestown via Old Stage; there’s some construction up there, so we had to stop to fix a couple flats, which was good news for me. I enjoyed the break and a banana while I waited.

Once again, as we climbed up to Jamestown and then eventually up Super James and on to Peak to Peak…I got dropped HARD. Thank goodness my Boulder friend circled back around and rode a little bit with me because I was really hurting.

I hate to admit this, but I even started crying a little during the steepest section. I think I was just overwhelmed with fatigue and I wanted the climb and the pain to end. Eventually, I pulled myself together, and made it to the top and to my friends who were patiently waiting for me.

A quick (not quick, but quicker than other sections) and steady climb on Peak to Peak took us to Ward where we stopped for snacks, soda, and the freshest water you’ll ever have straight from a spicket in the ground.

After I annihilated a bag of BBQ chips and chuggedddd down a Sprite, by some miracle I got back on my bike and made the 10-mile descent toward town and up and over one last climb before rolling into Boulder. We were all absolutely starving for a real meal, so we stopped at Salvaggio’s Deli for real deal sandwiches. They make their own bread…need I say more?

We shoved them in our handlebar bags and biked to the creek again where we ate them while sitting in the water watching people tube on by. It felt so good and I decided that’s how I’d like to die: eating sandwiches in a creek. lol

On Monday, I didn’t even want to look at my bike. I decided to take a break from riding while my friends explored Golden on their own.

I still had the day off from work, though, so after some very necessary coffee, I drove to Betasso Preserve for an easy trail run/walk/hike, which was a great idea until I hit mile 6 and got so dizzy I had to sit down in the middle of the trail a couple times. I think my body had had enough of me and my activities. I slow walked the last two miles back to the parking lot then went home, showered, and laid on my bed in a towel for a couple hours. Totally needed that.

I wasn’t ready to ride my bike on Tuesday, but I sucked it up and met my FL friends for one last ride that we kept a little easier.

^^^ With enough privacy, everywhere is a bathroom stop.

I took them out on some pavement roads northeast of Boulder, we stopped for snacks at a general store in Hygiene, then weaved our way back to town on my favorite dirt roads.

My friends are roadies through and through, but it’s a different and magical experience to roll along the lonely and dusty gravel roads that somehow feel like preserved pieces of Colorado. We stopped at Dish Gourmet for sandwiches because I’d been raving about them all week and we took our time enjoying them in the shade before heading home.

I feel so lucky to have spent time with these friends and that they made the trip out here just to ride and explore and spend time with me. I didn’t leave Florida with many relationships intact, so I’m truly grateful that I still have this one and I hope it continues to grow even from different coasts and over different time zones.

Have you been able to see friends or family members near or far during these times?

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