A Friday Edition of updates + things: my favorite meal this week and new podcasts

Happy Friday from me and a cup of instant coffee.

You read that right. I have totally been making instant coffee every morning instead of a pot of drip coffee as if I have somewhere to be every day in a hurry. I don’t. Our company has been working from home since the middle of March; we have the option to go into the office if we want, but we have to wear a mask inside all day. I’ve chosen to stay home most days because I’m on video calls with team members whether I’m at my home desk or office desk, so it’s easier and more comfy to stay put.

All that to say: I have no excuse for drinking instant coffee other than I don’t enjoy cleaning out my coffee pot and bean basket every day, which actually reduces a lot of my stress for some reason.

I bought the instant coffee for my trip to Ouray last month; I didn’t have a coffee machine in my glamping tent, so I microwaved some water and poured in a stick of the dehydrated coffee before my morning hikes—it was pretty good and even more convenient. The habit stuck after I got home, and I’m sort of loving it.

Wow, ok instant coffee tangent over. Are you a coffee person?


This is one of our last Summer Fridays, AKA: half-day Fridays. We go back to full Fridays after Labor Day, which I can’t believe is in just two weeks. Normally, I would be totally excited for September and the fall because that means both crisp and cool morning rides and cyclocross season is just around the corner.

And while I got an email saying there would be racing in a couple months, I’m not sure if anyone can guarantee that or what racing will even look like…or if I’ll be comfortable enough to hop into a race. I keep saying “we’ll see” because there’s no certainty in anything these days. Anyway.

Before I head out to find a trail to run this afternoon, I wanted to share my favorite meal and new-to-me podcasts that I discovered this week.

Favorite meal!

My food philosophy has kind of always been the simpler the better. I love making delicious meals, but I don’t love spending a ton of time in the kitchen and I really don’t like when I have a sink full of dishes to clean up afterward. One of my very simple meals this week with minimal cleanup was a sheet pan meal of chicken thighs, acorn squash and broccoli. I chopped up the veggies, placed them on the sheet pan with the chicken, sprinkled everything with oil, salt and pepper, and baked it at 375-ish until the veggies were crispy and the chicken was cooked through. Maybe 40 minutes?

It was SO GOOD. Chicken thighs are fattier than breasts, so they were much juicier and had so much more flavor. The veggies were tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. And it was all delicious as is without any other sauces. I will definitely make this more often because it’s so easy, and I had leftovers for lunch the next day.


Last week I was craving some new voices, so I browsed the podcasts app for awhile and found a couple good ones that will definitely be in my regular rotation.

#1: You Made It Weird hosted by Pete Holmes. He’s one of my favorite comedians and he has funny conversations with lots of interesting people. My favorites were Neal Brennan and Adam Sandler. Comedians observe and process the world and human behavior differently than other people and listening to a couple people talk about those observations through a comedic lense is one of my favorite things.

#2: The Strength Running Podcast hosted by running coach, Jason Fitzgerald. This is a more straightforward podcast where Jason interviews different personalities in running, but I enjoyed his style of interviewing and the questions he asked.

Definitely give those a listen if they sound interesting to you! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Make some delicious food and go have some fun outside

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