Friday things: Cycling is back! Le Tour, Labor Day Plans + a morning ride

Coffee cheers to Friday! My last half day Friday : (

Or I should say: coffee cheers to Friday and not spilling on my white shirt on the way to work! Yay!

Yesterday I had a bunch of meetings that were just easier to do in person, so I decided to head into the office, which is something I haven’t done in over a month. I was rushing around like crazy as if I’d never been into an office before and, I’m not kidding, I literally forgot how to make a lunch or get myself dressed. It was chaos before I just surrendered to the idea that I’m out of practice at working in a place other than my own home and I should maybe go back in at least once a week.

Let’s also cheers to a 3-day weekend!

I’m heading to Steamboat Springs this afternoon for a quick one-night trip. I made plans to ride some fun dirt roads with a friend on Saturday that I haven’t seen since this epic training ride where our ride got cut short due to rain and hail, and we hitched two rides back to town. It was a wild weekend and we deserve some redemption.

Speaking of cycling: anyone following the Tour? I don’t have a subscription to any streaming services to watch it live, so I’ve been catching the NBC highlights on Youtube at the end of each stage and also listening to the CyclingTips podcast and Lance Armstrong’s podcast, The Move. I’m glad they figured out a way to still hold the tour this year, even a few months late and under very different circumstances. It’s been nice to have something to follow and look forward to every day since so much is either cancelled or still up in the air. I think we’re all ready for the world to return to normal.

One more cycling thing: I went for an eeeearrrrrly morning ride on Monday.

I was feeling inspired after taking a week off, and I was treated to the most beautiful sunrise I’d seen in awhile. The bright orange sun rose over Boulder just as I was making my way up Flagstaff and I got to enjoy it with barely any cars to ruin the mood. I think I’ll try to get out and do that at least once a week while we still have some warm weather hanging around.

Have a lovely long weekend if you get to enjoy one. What are your plans? 

2 Replies to “Friday things: Cycling is back! Le Tour, Labor Day Plans + a morning ride”

  1. I follow Le Tour using the GCN racing app. While I was on holiday I watched the final 50-60 km every day, now it’s mostly the final 10-20 km (depending on the stage) and the highlights.

    Ah, early morning rides are the best! It’s like you have the whole road to yourself 🤩

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