Lately: Riding Before the snow, A COLD run + My First PT appointment

First of all…


Beanie season!

On Thursday evening last week, I walked (in freezing rain that wasn’t in the forecast, might I add) three miles to and from the ballot drop box at The Louisville Police Department. I did my research on all the candidates before filling in those little circles and felt really good about participating in this year’s election. Every voting year is important, of course, but this one feels especially significant, and I was happy to do my civic duty.


I had my first PT appointment on Friday morning.

The past month or so I’ve been experiencing some pretty intense sciatic pain in both of my glutes/legs and it’s been making runs and even walks feel pretty unbearable. Early last week I was finally fed up with it after I could barely walk up my stairs, so I scheduled my first session at Build in Louisville, CO. I live just down the street from them and have read only rave reviews of the staff and the services, so I bit the oh my god expensive bullet and had my first appointment with Dr. Larry. And it was AWESOME.

I have been a competitive athlete on and off for the better part of 16 years, and the only real therapy I’ve received or sought out was one sports massage in college when I had a serious IT band flare. Other than that, I’ve been a) lucky to avoid serious injury, and 2) not proactive about recovery and treatment. I left that appointment not only feeling a little better, but confident that my PT understands my issues and has a plan for me to get back to feeling good. He also gave me exercises to do at home, which I’m really trying to stay on top of. I got back for my second session on Wednesday and I’m very excited!

It snowed like crazy out here!

A freak snowstorm blew in on Saturday night and didn’t let up at all until late on Sunday evening, leaving behind single digit temperatures and a thick, fluffy blanket of snow that covered streets, sidewalks, roofs—and my car, which took me longer to scrape off than it did for me to drive to work this morning.

But on Saturday, before the weather descended upon Colorado, my friend and I headed out northeast of town to get in a relatively flat and easy bike ride on some of our favorite gravel roads.

The temperature had barely broken 30* when we started, which is already borderline no-riding weather for me, and even after bout 30 miles, I think it barely creeped up to the mid-30s. My hands and my toes were totally frozen, and my legs felt like cement stuck in mud, but I tried to stay positive because that’s a skill I’m working on these days, lol. The sun was juuuuust starting to peek through the clouds by the time we rolled back into town, so that helped my mood.

On Sunday morning…

I woke up to a whole bunch of winter wonderland outside!

Although we got snow, technically, during the summer this year, this really felt like our first snowfall of the winter season. After I had a couple cups of coffee and wrote some good old snail mail letters to my family on the east coast, I got all dressed and headed out for a run.

Four long sleeves. Two pairs of socks. One liner + gloves.

The temperatures were barely in the teens when I left my house around 9:30 a.m., so my plan was to stay close to home in case I got too cold and have fun without any mileage goal. I’ve been pretty consistent with getting in a couple six-milers during the week, but since my sciatic pain has been giving me trouble, I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to get in mileage for the sake of getting in milage…runners, you feel me? I took it nice and slow throughout the run and actually ended up with just over six miles filled with walk breaks—per usual with Dystonia—while listening to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotfiy.

The streets and trails were pretty quiet as I expected and it felt really nice to take my time and feel the snow and leaves crunch under my shoes and just be aware and present with the world around me. That’s pretty woo woo even for me, but a snowy day with no plans does that to me, I guess.

Aaaand I think that’s all I have today. What’s going on with you?

2 Replies to “Lately: Riding Before the snow, A COLD run + My First PT appointment”

  1. I voted a few weeks ago. After my first marathon a looong time ago, I had ITB syndrome. It hurt like a knife. Thought I was washed up. Docs didn’t have a clue but a physicians assistant who ran xcountry in college knew what to do. After a month of pain, I was back in action after about a week of simple treatment.

    Sciatica is awful. Been there too. Good luck with your recovery.

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