Extras: Some of My Favorite Things from my Holiday Month in Florida

Coming to you live from Wichita, Kansas in maybe the most ‘80s hotel room I’ve ever seen in my life. Like the kind of room that just looks…faded. The curtains, the pictures, the carpet. Tired, just like all the people it’s hosted over the years. The flat screen TV looks to be the only thing from this decade, but it just started playing infomercials, which is very fitting.   

Today was my third day on the road and tomorrow, after a long 8-hour stretch, I’ll be back in Colorado, thank goodness. When I did this drive alone three years ago I remember it being way worse than it has been the last few days, so that is a plus. And every so often my mom will call to check up on me and make sure I’m not thinking about driving myself into the Mississippi River. She also likes to reminisce about the last month and tell me how much she already misses having me home. Moms.

I had to fight the urge to tell her how much I miss her too and that I wish I could’ve stayed another month. I really did have a great month; I got to relax, see some friends, have some good runs and rides, and eat tons of delicious food. I tried to keep my phone usage to a minimum, but I did capture some really great moments, so I guess this is me reminiscing for a second, too. Enjoy some behind the scenes…

Whether it was working or eating lunch or reading, I tried to spend as much time by the pool in the sunshine as I possibly could. It’s one of my favorite things about being at my parents’ house. So relaxing!

My parents and I drove to Cape Canaveral one weekend to see a SpaceX rocket launch. My dad and I are very into all things space, so this was so cool to see in person.

Every morning while I was home—every single morning—I got up and made coffee at about 5:30 a.m. to enjoy while I read my book in front of the Christmas tree lights. It was probably the most joyful part of my day, and I’m going to miss that a lot. When I was in Tampa, I picked up some Buddy Brew as a treat.

We spent some time with my sister her kids, which was a lot of fun. In a strange turn of events, I feel like I’m getting better with kids. I don’t usually feel comfortable around little ones, but for some reason I had a blast hanging out with them. And I had fun watching my mom be super-grandma, totally in her element.

Whenever I’m in Florida, I crave sandwiches like crazy. They’re refreshing in a weird way, aren’t they? When I wasn’t cooking dinner for my family, I was making sandwiches and snacking on fresh fruit.

At the end of every day I usually went on a sunset walk to stretch my legs, especially if I was inside working all day. We caught some really great ones from my parents’ pool deck.

I’m thinking of doing a post about all the recipes I made for my family, too, because there were some real winners that my mom asked me to send her so she could make again.

I can’t believe this year really tough and emotional year is nearly over, and I feel very thankful for the time I enjoyed with my family. I didn’t realize how much my mental health needed it until I left on Monday.

What’s something you’ve enjoyed this year even amongst the chaos?

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