I’m Back in CO + A 2020 Wrap-up

I’m back in Colorado, and it feels so good! Especially because tomorrow I don’t have to get in a car if I don’t want to. Hooray!

It was a long, long four full days of sitting on my butt watching the little blue dot on Google Maps crawl west ever so slowly down endless digital highways. I had to turn it off during the long and straight sections because I felt like I wasn’t making any progress at all.

One thing I did do to try and pass the time was listen to an audiobook. I started listening to the first Harry Potter book when I left Florida on Monday morning. A day later and about eighty-two miles outside of Memphis, TN, I finished it and decided I do not enjoy audiobooks.

The soothing and steady voice of Jim Dale reading me a fantastical tale about witchcraft and wizardry sounded like an amazing way to spend four days trapped in a car since I loved these books as a kid. But only a couple chapters in, I lost interest and quickly at that.

Jim narrates each page with amazing passion and unbelievable accents, but the noise and the story began to melt into each other hour after hour and my mind wandered. Wandered to where, I’m not sure, because there wasn’t much to grab hold of my attention while yo-yoing through the sticks of Alabama hill country. But for some reason my brain tuned out of the book and into other thoughts in a way it normally doesn’t when I listen to podcasts. Even so, when the crescendo of music signaled the end of book one, I popped in the first disc of the second book to help me finish out the last few hours of my drive to Little Rock, AR, another unfamiliar town in an unfamiliar state.

Eventually I turned off all audiobooks and podcasts so I could just think. Think about the past year; my highs, my lows, what I would do differently, what I’m proud of, etc. I set my cruise control and hummed along the highway deep in thought. Eventually I started leaving myself voice notes of all my thoughts I thought were worthy of sharing here. Reflections on the past 12 months.

Funny zoom moment:
While working from home, I was getting ready to go out for a ride after work in the summer. I had on my sports bra and bib shorts when my boss video chatted me out of the blue. I had to throw on a sweatshirt to look presentable; when I joined the call he asked me why I was wearing a sweatshirt in 90* weather, and I had to make up a stupid excuse, lol.

Most pathetic WFH lunch: There were struggle plates aplenty during quarantine, but one day I ate cold canned veggies and canned black beans straight from the can between meetings and before an evening bike ride. A real low moment.

Percentage of days working in pajamas: 40%

Highest high: Spending a month in Florida during the holidays with my family.

Lowest low: I’ve had to pull myself away from painful thoughts of being lonely and alone for the rest of eternity more times than I can count.

Best panic purchase: More pillows for my bed.

Worst panic purchase: Applebee’s takeout on Thanksgiving while driving to Florida.

Best podcast discovery: You’re Wrong About

Favorite meal: I made these meatballs for my family and they’re the best ever.

Favorite run: Marshall Mesa at sunrise.

Favorite ride: I did a HUGE ride on my birthday with a friend. It was so tough, but the best ever.

YouTube discovery: I started watching Joshua Weissman’s cooking channel and it’s the best. He is SO funny and such a great cook.

Most frequented website: YouTube and weather.com so I can predict when I’m running, riding, or neither, haha.

Done differently: I wish I had started writing my book during quarantine.

Wouldn’t change: Driving home for the holidays and back.

Artist on repeat: Morgan Wallen and Mother Mother.

Aaaand that’s as far as I got in my voice notes before leaving myself a rambling list of groceries I need to pick up this weekend. Yey.

Leave your answers to any of these in the comments! Happy New Year 🙂

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