1/1/2021: Everything I did on the First Day of the year + 3 goals

Is it just me or did yesterday feel like just another Friday except more stores were closed and maybe you didn’t have to work?

The only tangible cue for me that signaled our passage into a new year was finishing one planner and cracking open a new one. That’s one of my favorite things about starting a new year because it sure isn’t getting the date wrong on everything I write for three months.

I started my day with lots of coffee and writing up this recipe post that took me over an hour to finish—but was so worth it because THE MEATBALLS, YOU GUYS. I was so inspired and very hungry after hitting publish on that thing that I decided to make some turkey meatballs and spaghetti squash while I waited for the day to warm up a bit before I went outside. I’m coming off a whole month in Florida, so getting used to below freezing temperatures again is going to take a couple weeks.

I loosely followed this Tasty recipe but added in a pinch of rosemary and thyme to the meat mixture. One pound of meat equaled exactly 28 meatballs that fit perfectly on my sheet pan. I baked them at 400* for about 16 minutes and threw in the spaghetti squash for around 30 minutes. Both came out great, my entire kitchen smelled amazing, and I was so excited to devour a bowl when I got home from my run.

Finally, around 9:30 a.m., I was ready to face the cold and get out for a jog around the neighborhood. Usually when it’s overcast and grey and just barely in the 30s, I opt to run instead of ride because I never feel like I can get warm on the bike in those conditions. I took a familiar route and got in just over 6 miles with lots of walk breaks sprinkled in because hello there is no oxygen up here and my lungs and legs were definitely feeling it.

I dived into some lunch then did a little organizing and cleaning with my new Dyson vacuum (!!). I got a stick vac and it’s probably my new favorite thing ever. Eventually I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a few things I couldn’t find at my regular grocery store, and I’m telling you I could’ve stayed in there forever. I very rarely go to Whole Foods because it’s $$$$ for no reason, but they do have tons of interesting and local products to try, rare ingredients I can’t find anywhere else, and a very tidy atmosphere. I’m trying my best to watch my budget this year so maybe shopping here wasn’t the best decision on day one of 2021, but it was a treat.

When I walked in the door to my place, I really felt my early wakeup catching up with me, so I had two bowls of cereal for dinner while binge-watching videos by a YouTuber I discovered recently. Her name is Beryl, she lives in New York City, and she was a producer at Great Big Story, which is an agency that shutdown. She took advantage of her unemployment and started a YouTube channel centered around cooking and eating cool foods and dishes from around the world. Her personality is friendly and positive and her energy is infectious. She makes me want to get in the kitchen and experiment…

…which brings me to my goals for the year!

1: Get in the kitchen more! Over the past year I’ve really loved testing out recipes, using new ingredients, and trying out new cooking methods to create something delicious and homemade and things that make me feel good. I have also done a lot of work in the last year healing my relationship with food and diet and all that—and getting my hands dirty in the kitchen has been a huge help.

2: Wear real clothes every day! I posted about this on Instagram and one of my friends replied: “But I love sweatpants!” To which I clarified: “Well, I didn’t say how long I was going to stay in real clothes.” I like to be comfy too, guys. But getting dressed in not pajamas or workout clothes was something that helped me last year, so I’m going to carry that trend into the new year. I am also on a mission to pare down my closet and keep only the things that feel good, match, and work for lots of different occasions. My Pinterest board is filling up with ideas for how to minimize.

3: Get a side hustle: This is tough, especially these days. I spent a good portion of yesterday figuring out what that could be or how to use my skills in a way that could eventually generate a second income, but I’m coming up short. I freelanced a bit in the past, but that fizzled out when I took my current full-time job. I’m also still interested in going back to school this year, so there are lots of balls in the air right now…

I hope you all had a nice first day of the year. What’s one fun thing you did yesterday? Did you set any goals?

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